This sale is for an original letter, envelope and prospectus set by Aleister Crowley,

postmarked June 25th


The letter is hand typed with a few holographic corrections and hand signed by Aleister Crowley with his "phallic A" signature.


The prospectus included is the original for The Equinox of the Gods.


The letter and prospectus were originally sent by Aleister Crowley to Reverend William Inge, D.D. Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral.


The envelope features Crowley's hand writing with his return address as "A Crowley Esq / 59 Gt Ormond St / W C 1."


The envelope was marked return to sender and sent back to Crowley.

Note: The picture of Aleister Crowley in the first photo is not included but is there for reference.


Contact with any questions )0(

Aleister Crowley - Hand Typed, Hand Signed, Set With Original Prospectus