This sale is for one two page hand written, hand signed letter and envelope set by the convicted cross dressing cannibal killer - Hadden Irving Clark


Hadden Irving Clark (born July 31, 1952) is an American murderer and suspected serial killer, currently serving two 30-year sentences at Western Correctional Institution in Maryland for the murders of 6 year old Michelle Dorr in 1986 and 23-year-old Laura Houghteling in 1992.


“According to Maryland prison authorities Clark told a fellow inmate whom he believes is Jesus Christ that he killed as many as a dozen women and girls along the Eastern Seaboard between the mid-70s and 1993, the year he was arrested”


Note: The picture of Hadden Irving Clark in the first photo is not included but is there for reference. 


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Cross Dressing Cannibal - Hadden Irving Clark – Letter and Envelope

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