This sale is for one double taxidermy bat display, mounted in an embellished frame. The piece features two permanently affixed bats mounted amongst a vintage ouija board and planchette. The bats are Hypposideros Madurae and Pipistrellus Tenius. The dimensions of the frame measure apx. 16.5" high by 19.5" wide.


Bats have a deep association with witchcraft. In Magick, properties of a bat include power, control and luck. Ink crafted from the blood of a bat has been used to enhance spells and make pacts with spirits.


Furthermore the symbolism of a bat shows us we can retreat into the dark womb of Mother Earth and reconnect to her sacred wisdom. 

NOTE: As shown in all the pictures, the piece has no glass to accommodate its three dimensional style 

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Double Taxidermy Bat and Ouija Display



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