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from convicted serial killer Henry Brisbon “AKA “I57 – Killer”


The first two victims credited to Henry Brisbon were James Schmidt, a Chicago businessman, and his fiancee, Dorothy Cerny, both 25. While traveling on Highway 57, in Cook County, on the night of June 3, 1973, Schmidt and Cerny were stopped by a gang of four men, dragged from their vehicle and forced to lie down on the grassy shoulder of the road.


Brisbon was identified as the triggerman who killed them both with close-range shotgun blasts as they lay helpless on the ground. Conviction on a charge of double murder earned Brisbon a sentence of 1,000 to 3,000 years, but the prison term was less impressive than it sounded.


Actually, Brisbon could have been paroled in just eleven years, but he was not content to wait. On October 19, 1978, he used a sharpened soup ladle to stab inmate Ronald Morgan at the Statesville penitentiary, striking without apparent motive. While awaiting trial for that murder, Brisbon took part in a 1979 riot and was transferred to the maximum security lockup at Menard. Brisbon was convicted of Morgan's murder on January 22, 1982, and a month later he was sentenced to die. Leaving the courtroom after pronouncement of sentence, Brisbon told his guards, "You'll never get me. I'll kill again. Then you'll have another long trial. And then I'll do it again." As good as his word, Brisbon tried it again on February 15, 1983. Slipping out of handcuffs and

breaking away from a guard on death row, he used a piece of sharpened heavy-gauge wire to stab convicted killers William Jones and John Wayne Gacy. (Neither man was seriously injured.)


At this writing, Brisbon is awaiting execution -- and, undoubtedly, preparing for his next attempt at homicide.


Note: The picture of Henry Brisbon in the first photo is not included but is there for reference.


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Henry Brisbon “AKA “I57 – Killer” Hand written Christmas Card with Envelope

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