This sale is for one large #1 Hartebeest Skull "African antelope". The skull has been nature cleaned and placed in peroxide to whiten. The Hartebeest skull size including horns is apx 31" long, the skull itself is apx 19" long and the widest point of the horns is apx. 9"


The symbolism of an Antelope may remind you its time to take action. Its time to make your decisions wisely, by using your instincts rather than your intellect.


Furthermore, the energy of the antelope has been known to assist in finding love and abundance in anything you encounter.


Things are speeding up for you right now. Your quick decisions have taken you in the right direction. - Antelope


NOTE: The other items in the last photo are not included, but feel free to add your own


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Large Hartebeest Skull #1 "African antelope"