This sale is for one hand crafted occult and oddities art piece titled "Magick Between". The piece features mix media material in a heavy weight black faux wood shadowbox. The apx dimensions of the piece are 13" Long by 10" Wide


It features two oracle cards; one card is shadow self and the other card is truth. The combination of the cards represent the primal purpose of us as energy. There are two bats which embody the power in union. The bats are lightly bound in a silver chain, which signify their commitment to the path. The end of the silver chain features a pentagram., which reminds us of the inter connected nature of all things. Lastly, the pentagram lays lightly in an open hand. The hand depicts the lines of chiromancy, which symbolize the patterns and elements through which we exist.


NOTE: The glass frame is clear. The foggy appearance is due to a reflection of light


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"Magick Between" - Occult and Oddities Art Piece



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