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Nicolas Claux was born on March 22, 1972, in the African nation of Cameroon. He has said that he developed an early fascination with death as a child, which increased after his grandfather passed away. He claims that a photo of a statue of the Sumerian demon Pazuzu awaked his interest in darkness and the occult, which was strengthened after he saw the same Pazuzu figure used in the movie The Exorcist.


When he was 16, his parents moved back to Paris, and he started spending all of his free time in cemeteries — he claims he began breaking into mausoleums, and later graduated to digging up corpses in order to mutilate bodies. After serving a year in the military, Nico began working as a morgue assistant. His specialty was assisting in autopsies and stitching up the corpses. He writes that this is when he began eating strips of muscles from the bodies. 


I talked with a butcher once who told me that meat is better three or four days after death. This was something I had always dreamed of doing, and it was the opportunity to do it on a regular basis,” he wrote. “Sometimes I brought select meats home with me to be cooked, but my preference was to eat them raw. It tasted like tartar steak, or carpaccio. The big muscles of the thighs and back were good, but there was no good meat in the breasts, only fats. People often ask me what went through my mind the first time I indulged my cannibalistic fantasy. Well, to be honest, I said to myself: ‘Wow! Now I’m a cannibal. Cool!'”


He would also allegedly steal unused blood bags from work, take them home and use them to blend up fitness shakes using protein powder and human cremains.


On the morning of October 4, 1994, Claux began chatting to Bissonnier on Minitel (an early version of the Internet) and arranged to meet him at noon. It was common for gay men to arrange rendezvous on Minitel.


Claux hid a handgun under his jacket, and shot his victim point blank when he opened the door. He then ate cookies and stole his victim’s ID and credit card before leaving the scene. He was arrested outside the Moulin Rouge after attempting to forge one of Bissonnier’s bank checks to buy a VCR. While in custody, he confessed to the murder and told the police about his grave-robbing and cannibalism.


Nico Claux’s trial began on May 9, 1997. He was found guilty of premeditated murder, armed robbery, fraudulent use of a bank check, falsification of his drivers license photo, and an attempt to defraud the retailer of the video camera, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. After serving just seven years and four months, Claux was released on March 22, 2002.


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Nico Claux AKA The Vampire of Paris - Signed Satanic Book

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