This sale is for one preserved Coatimundi in a jar.
The dimensions of the jar are apx 7.5" tall by 5" wide.

In magick the properties of a Coatimundi include curiosity and exploration. Connecting with their energy may remind you to leave no stone unturned in your journey for resolution. Take the time to look at the whole picture – the seen and the unseen to find a solution.

You already have everything you need.– Coatimundi

(The white line down the jar is just a reflection of light not a scratch) Please note: Due to Usps shipping regulations the eyes (which have also been treated with a preservation fluid) will be shipped without alcohol in the jar. You can refill it with 70% rubbing alcohol which can be purchased for about $2.00 from the drug store. Contact with any questions )0(

Preserved Coatimundi Wet Specimen.



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