This sale is for one pendant filled with the bones of a rat. 
The dimensions of the jar pendant are apx. 1/2" wide by 1.4" tall.

The pendants are not sealed so the bones may be used if desired.

I currently have a few of these available, I will select one from the picture and send it to you.

The symbolism of a rat is to teach you to find your aggressiveness and strength through times of difficultly. Rats are extremely resourceful and will avoid being trapped at any cost. Their energy can remind you to be ready for any change or adversity.

Preserved Rat Bone Pendant.

  • Animal bones have several uses to a witch. Primarily they are used for divination. The layout and positioning of the bones can be read in the same way as a tarot or a rune spread. The bones can also be used in spell casting to draw upon the energies of the animal and to invoke its spirit into the workings. In addition, other witches may use animal bones as offerings or sacrifices to the deities. 

    "There’s a thousand things you can believe, lay them bones as we conceive, the futures gaze is what will see, as patterns show our destiny" 

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