This sale is for a Three Letter Set from Convicted Satanic Murders.


The collection includes the following:


Two Letter and envelope sets from Harold smith and one letter envelope set from Nathan Brooks.


Harold Smith was a 19-year-old self-proclaimed leader of Satanists.
He was convicted of planning and carrying out the brutal murder of 19-year-old Dennis Medler who's body was found in a Houston cemetery. Before death, he had been beaten, slashed with knives, had one eye gouged from the socket, had his hair burned down to the scalp and had his teeth hammered out.


The first piece is a hand-written letter with envelope which was lightly written on the back of his patient notification form.

The second piece is a hand-written letter with envelope asking about satanic reference material



Nathan Brooks was an 18-year-old convicted of shooting and decapitating his father and killing his mother with a hatchet was sentenced Thursday to two consecutive life terms. Nathan Brooks, who was 17 at the time of the 1995 slayings, was convicted of murder despite his claim of insanity. His parents, Terry Brooks, 53, and Marilynn Brooks, 52, were attacked in the family's home near Bellaire. Terry Brooks was shot three times, then decapitated with a hacksaw. The defendant said he wanted the head for a satanic ritual.



The letter and envelope set from Nathan Brooks includes a small hand written, hand signed paragraph with included reference material



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Three letter Set from Convicted Satanic Murderers

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