This sale is for one piece of framed and signed artwork by convicted Serial Killer "John Edward Robinson". The artwork is crafted in pencil and is apx. 8" wide by 10" high. Framed the piece is apx. 12.5" wide by 14.5" high.

John Robinson "AKA" The Internet Serial Killer claimed 8 victims and is currently on death row in the state of Kansas.


Robinson is titled the Internet Serial Killer because he was the first serial killer to use the Internet as a hunting ground for new victims. A master swindler and determined scammer, Robinson juggled multiple schemes of women and plans that were fictitious and formed to exploit women and derive profit thereby. 


John Robinson is noted as having been involved in BSDM, bondage and sadomasochism. Robinson acknowledged his sexual preferences as part of the bondage/master and slave relationship order, but these desires were neither suppressed nor shamed into secrecy. 

Robinson worked the online scene for “subs”, subjugated sex slaves who performed with behaviours suited to a role of subjective domination. Robinson’s sex life was another venue that proved profitable for him, arranging for young women to become slaves in the local chapter of the secret society of bondage and rough sex alternative lifestyle. 


Robinson killed because it was a profitable extension of his swindling. His scheming and con man facade was enacted so that logically he had to rid the planet of certain individuals so he could collect their checks, acquire their resources, and make people who knew too much about him disappear. 


Note: The picture of John Edward Robinson in the first photo is not included but is there for reference. 


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Serial Killer "John Edward Robinson" Artwork

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