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The Witch In The Woods

Artem Mortis

Dark Curiosities
"Art Should Comfort the disturbed
and disturb the comfortable"
- Unknown-
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Curiosities, Oddities & Murderabilia at Artem Mortis

Artem Mortis carries a large collection of Curiosities, Oddities, Murderabilia and more that are not only very unique but also only available at our shop. Many of our pieces are crafted by hand which is why they are available exclusively at Artem Mortis. Curiosities refers to the item that creates wonder in the mind. Some of our curiosities have a mystical or supernatural quality about them. Some of the curiosities we carry have to do with the occult or have pagan symbolism. Other curiosities involve parts of dead specimens from human to varying animal types. The curiosities we have for sale have the quality of mystery about them you won’t be able to ignore.

Oddities is all about the preservation of animals and the art of displaying them. Some of our oddities specimens sit in a glass jar with fluid (Wet Specimens) and others have been preserved by other methods are posed in a display. Our oddities are pieces of art to display. A few examples are, scorpions posed to attack in glass domes, snakes in jars of fluid and bats hanging upside down in glass domes. These are just a few examples, there are many other types of specimens for sale in our oddities shop.

The Murderabilia section of our shop includes different types of items having the personal touch of serial killers. Such items include hand written letters, signatures, art work and photographs. There is zero financial reimbursement given to the serial killers or any members of their families from profits on these sales. These items have a historic value and are also tested for authenticity before being added to our murderabilia store.

What is Artem Mortis?

Artem Mortis is Latin and translates to, “The Art of Death”. At our store, we sell products relating in some way to the natural passing of life from one life and beginning their journey into another. Among some of our other products, we have a selection of unique jewelry. There are products with real human bone and some products that are made with blood. Gothic or dark curiosities would be another way of describing what our products are. Macabre is yet another term some use to describe what our store has.

While not everyone will find our shop to be tasteful, it is not our intention to be distasteful. We strive to offer respect to all that visit. The specimens we have collected are all gathered after their deaths and without cruelty towards the recently deceased. It is our goal to show the world that the passing of life can be a beautiful thing.

Many of our customers recognize our shop name and products from our Etsy shop, “The Witch in the Woods”. Here with our own website, we are able to sell our products without Etsy censoring our inventory. Understandably, Etsy has some strict rules about certain types of curiosities and oddities. Pictures get covered or blocked, but with our own website, we can show everything we sell. Be sure to take a good look around. The curiosities await. Check out our custom made oddities and unique pieces of jewelry. 

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