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Artem Mortis



Artem Mortis: Is Latin for the Art of Death


 Tools to assist in your journey of insight and magical practice. Our clients range from the collector to the connoisseur. Custom work is available upon request. 

Occult Store: More Dark Curiosities


An Occult Store sells products that are considered mysterious or that have a metaphysical nature or belief surrounding them. “Occult Related”, refers to a forbidden and often times, secret knowledge or something that is supernatural. These are pieces of old Magick that are available for sale to the curious as well as the educated looking for some rare items.

One of our Artem Mortis exclusives is a hand crafted Ouija Board. The Ouija Board has our custom logo and type set into wood and painted using animal blood. The Planchette included with the Ouija Board is also an Artem Mortis original design, not available anywhere else but through our occult store.

Part of our occult store has an area dedicated to divination. That area includes Tarot Card Decks, Crystal Balls, Real Bone & Blood Runes and our very own, custom made Oracle Deck, “The Mortem Oraculum” a divination deck of cards,

originally painted with human blood. 

Other products we have available in our occult store consist of vintage or antique style trinkets. We carry some vintage Ouija Boards printed in different years throughout the past century. Other items that might have a slightly haunting feeling about them like antique signs or instruments that would be easily recognizable as relating to death. Autopsy surgical tools, Funeral parking signs, voodoo dolls, a little bit of Wiccan & Neo-Pagan symbols and artwork are all a part of our occult store.

Have I Seen the Items in your Occult Store Somewhere Else?

If the products here seem familiar to you, it’s probably because you have seen some of our products from the occult store in our Etsy shop, “The Witch in the Woods” .There, we have had the pleasure of selling our wares for many years. Some of the products we carry are going to be censored by Etsy, so we opened our website store to be able to display all of our products.

Artem Mortis appreciates your business. Feel free to contact us anytime for help with gift ideas, concerns, customer service, and for any questions you may have about either our products or your order.

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