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Artem Mortis

The Art of Death

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Oddity: The Beginning of Dark Curiosities

When we began this adventure, we started out as “The Witch in the Woods” on Etsy, a leading authority in the subject of Oddity & Curiosities. Today, our Etsy Shop is still online under the name, “ArtemMortis”. Artem Mortis is Latin for “The Art of Death. Our success has allowed us to grow a much more interesting and diverse selection of inventory and allowed us to grow into a large online oddity shop with our own website.

At Artem Mortis, the concept of death is nothing more than a transformation in which everything must undergo to reach a new beginning.  We use death to provide art that is both beautiful and disturbing. 

Antiques have been carefully selected for their beautiful in age and haunting aesthetic 

Jewelry, isn’t just about a nice necklace or ring. It’s a statement piece. At Artem Mortis, our version will not only have beautiful craftsmanship but perhaps even a human bone.

Murderabilia is an example of ultimate death and the question in your heart, why? Letters from serial killers, autographs, poems, and art from people that committed murder or murders while choosing to reveal their soul in the most disturbing of ways. For more information click here.

Occult related items such as Ouija Boards, Pentagrams, Crystal Balls or Tarot Cards while beautiful may also conjure images of supernatural forces and primordial energy at work.

Specimens refer to our large collection of dead specimens that have been preserved and placed into some sort of display. Some are in preserving fluid and called wet specimens, commonly displayed in glass jars. Others are dry specimens commonly displayed on pedestals or in glass domes.

Our Etsy shop still thrives today and is highly successful. With such success, migrating that success to our own website is eventually our goal, which today presents our full inventory. Be sure to visit all the areas of our Oddity Store.


Reviews of Our Products

Below, you can read some of the reviews that people have placed on our Etsy Store regarding the products that we have sold. 

All materials are obtained after natural or accidental deaths. 

Many of the specimens I use are found in nature and or from previous pet and ranch owners who wish to see something beautiful made from their lost loved ones. No animals are intentionally harmed or killed to make these pieces. All animal materials used would have otherwise ended up in the rubbish

had I not created something from them.


We are gaining a tremendous following on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to stop by and Follow Us.

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