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Artem Mortis

The Art of Death


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Artem Mortis Translates to, “The Art of Death”

Artem Mortis, “The Art of Death” is the name by which we conduct business. We appreciate your interest and curiosity in our business.  The keyword being, “Art”. It’s subjective. What one person considers beautiful, another does not. Milton wrote that within each person is the ability to make a hell out of heaven and a heaven out of hell. We appreciate that opinions will vary and welcome constructive feedback.

We would love to hear about your experience with us and how the art of death has enhanced your life in some way or another. We are eager to answer the questions of the curious, the concerns over an order being processed or a special request that we might be able to fulfill. Many of the products that we have for sale are hand-crafted or made in-house. They are not available anywhere else for sale expect through our store. Artem Mortis, “The Art of Death” has our own Oracle Deck, much like a Tarot Deck, with artwork produced by Artem Mortis and painted using human blood. That’s one example of many Art of Death originals.

Contact us, we will be in touch shortly after we receive your message. Thank you again for looking in on us. Our shop offers a selection of art that deals with death in one way or another. Nature is nature. There is a certain truth in, we probably aren’t going to make it out of this alive. Death is a part of nature and has a place of beauty to some that believe the end is the beginning of something else. What was, can be immortalized as we have done with many of our products, displaying, ”The Art of Death”. Thank you again for visiting us!

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