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Artem Mortis



 Infamous serial killer artwork, documents, letters, and personal effects 

Our clients range from the collector to the connoisseur. Custom work is avaible upon request. 

Artem Mortis is an True Crime Authentication approved dealer

Murderabilia: Personal Items, Touched by Death’s Hands


Murderabiliais a category of products that have been personally owned by serial killers. These items have been bought and traded and have zero financial support offered in any way to the murderer or their families. These items have been procured through trade and sale through collectors and have even been validated through a triple authentication process.

Much of the murderabilia products are pieces like personal letters that were written and in many cases, signed by convicted serial killers. The handwriting gets looked at when being reviewed for authentication along with paper, stamp marks and several other details and checked against known samples to rule out fake pieces. Our authenticators know what locations various serial killers carry out or carried out their sentences in so they know what return addresses should be on the envelopes of these letters.

They are familiar with the type of paper most commonly used by inmates at those facilities, and specifically what type of paper certain serial killers have used in the past. Our authenticators know how to detect a photocopy versus the real deal.

Our murderabilia products are authentic.

Why Would Anyone Want a Piece of Murderabilia?

Signatures, artwork, some personal items are all part of a dark curiosity, a growing interest in diving into the mind and seeing what part of the soul these serial killers reveal in what they write and draw. For purposes of posterity and reverence to the ideal that, “When good men did nothing…” a famous quote from Edmund Burke, people can keep hold of these pieces as a reminder to not look the other way. It’s when we turn a blind eye, that serial killers take advantage and allow that

darkness in their soul to rob the world of light.

Some of our murderabilia products are framed or made for display right out of the box. At Artem Mortis, our name means, “The art of death”. While we do not in any way condone the horrible acts of violence these murderers have committed, our shop does specialize in taking the death of animals or even people and trying to show the world that death itself can be beautiful. In our beliefs, death is a new beginning and should be looked at with a certain reverence. While loss brings us grief, it can also fill us with the hope that the ones lost are beyond us, in a new place, experiencing a new level of happiness they would never have known here with us.


Our products do focus on death, particularly in our specimen’s section. Those oddities include preserved animals or other formerly living creatures in jars or glass domes. We have some occult related products like Ouija Boards which can be used to attempt to communicate with the dead. We have jewelry products that have pieces of human bone in them. A procedure that occurs post mortem (After death) in cases of suspected foul play is an autopsy. We carry a few pieces of autopsy surgical tools and even some antique medical devices for those that find that sort of thing appealing.

Murderabilia is a subject of some controversy. We do not seek quarrel, nor do we seek to engage in the arguments against the morality of selling these pieces. What is true for some, may not be what is true for others. This subject happens to be a part of what we do here at Artem Mortis and we do respect your opinion.

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