Artem Mortis



 Infamous serial killer artwork, documents, letters, and personal effects 

Our clients range from the collector to the connoisseur. Custom work is avaible upon request. 

Artem Mortis is an True Crime Authentication approved dealer

Murderabilia: Personal Items, Touched by Death’s Hands


Murderabiliais a category of products that have been personally owned by serial killers. These items have been bought and traded and have zero financial support offered in any way to the murderer or their families. These items have been procured through trade and sale through collectors and have even been validated through a triple authentication process.

Much of the murderabilia products are pieces like personal letters that were written and in many cases, signed by convicted serial killers. The handwriting gets looked at when being reviewed for authentication along with paper, stamp marks and several other details and checked against known samples to rule out fake pieces. Our authenticators know what locations various serial killers carry out or carried out their sentences in so they know what return addresses should be on the envelopes of these letters.