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Artem Mortis



Artem Mortis: Is Latin for the Art of Death


Featuring one of a kind curiosities, bones, mummifed, skulls, taxidermy and wet specimens. Our clients range from the collector to the connoisseur. Custom work is available upon request. 

Oddities Store: Death in a Jar

Welcome to the Artem Mortis, Oddities Store. Here is where we sell, dead animal specimens, preserved and inside some vehicle to display as pieces of art. It’s similar to when someone catches a really big fish and has it stuffed and mounted on a plaque. Only instead of a big fish, we have things like scorpions and bats

Some of our products are preserved in fluid. Those wet specimens are kept in jars and usually have a very unique appearance as well as contents. Fetal pigs, snakes, hearts, eyes all are available in our wet specimens section within our oddities store.

Other specimens are dry and poised in various settings, such as the bat hanging upside down in a glass dome, or the scorpion poised to strike in a smaller glass dome. Bird Skeletons in a cage seems odd at first, but it’s also much easier to care for.


Our specimens are gathered through humane means and only purchased from individuals that we trust as far as how these animals died and that they weren’t murdered. That would be wrong and not sit right with us. We don’t condone that sort of thing. These animals were naturally selected as far as their deaths go and we are immortalizing their remains, creating something beautiful.

Artem Mortis is committed to offering a great customer experience and we understand that not all of the people that visit our website will find these things to be beautiful or in good taste. What is true for one is not true for the other person. We accept that there are people that do appreciate these pieces of art as much as we enjoy crafting the pieces you see. We bottle, dry, poise and build all the displays used in our specimens section. Our oddities store does not contain products available anywhere else online.


I’m Sure I’ve Seen Some Products from Your Oddities Store Somewhere Before…

That would be our Etsy Shop. You might recall seeing the exact same oddities on Etsy and that is because we started our business on Etsy under the shop name, “The Witch in the Woods.” The Etsy shop is still there. We simply have the ability to showcase our entire inventory without being occasionally censored by Etsy on certain products.

An oddities store like ours has grown over the years. We hope that if you remember us from Etsy that you will remember our quality and the care we take in getting you something unique. We appreciate your business and look forward to fulfilling a future order. Be sure to look at the other dark curiosities available. Aside from the oddities store, we have sections with occult related products, jewelry, antiques, murderabilia and aesthetics that show death as art. Artem Mortis means, “The Art of Death” after all. Thanks again for visiting our store, contact us with any questions.

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