This sale is for one Fuld antique Ouija board. The Board is manufactured around 1910 in Baltimore MD.

The board is constructed of veneer 3 ply with angled corners. 

The front of the board features a full black moon in the upper left hand corner, a crescent moon with a star in the upper right hand corner and 
a black star in each of the bottom corners. 

The back of the board features printed directions. 

History - This Ouija Board has been used at the Haunted Welles House in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. (A property that's been compared to that of the Amityville Horror house.) In addition this board had been used in multiple spirit communication gatherings on

Note: No Planchette or box is included

Ouija board, Oujia board, there on the floor.
What certain, dark forces, call me once more...

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1910 Antique Ouija Board - With History


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