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This sale is for one Artem Mortis Black Tee Shirt titled "The Ritual"


Cosmic Elements act as guides while four Egyptian death hounds stand facing outward. A sleeping lion lies entranced by smoke near a sacrificial lamb marked

with the Sulphur symbol in honor of the rams head. Vipers crawl across the bodies of the animals that lay nearby, as black mass candles further envelope the creatures in intoxicating smoke.


The focal point of this shirt is the Artem Mortis logo which features a ram’s head, surrounded by a geometric border, consisting of an eight-pointed stars woven into a series of four interlocked circles. It shows ribbons of incense smoke which pour from the eye cavities and wrap around the horns. The words Artem Mortis appear on a reversed trailing banner. (Artem Mortis is Latin for the art of death). There are two candles, one lit and one unlit which symbolize the very instant between life and death, and two crossed keys which represent the search for knowledge. Lastly, there is a central occult symbol for Sulphur which appears as a focal point on the rams skull.


100% pre-shrunk soft combed cotton. Machine washable.


The unisex shirts are offered in mens sizes. 


Contact with any questions )0(

Artem Mortis Black Tee Shirt "The Ritual"

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