This listing is for one Artem Mortis lapel pin. 
The pin is crafted from metal and features the Artem Mortis logo. 
The Pin dimensions are apx 1.25" Wide horn to horn and 1" top to bottom.

Our logo features a ram’s head, surrounded by a geometric border,

consisting of an eight-point star, woven into a series of four interlocked circles.
It shows ribbons of insense smoke which pour from the eye cavities and wrap
around the horns. The words Artem Mortis appear on a reversed
trailing banner. There are two candles, one lit and one unlit which symbolize the
very instant between life and death and two crossed keys which represent
the search for knowledge. Lastly, there is a central occult symbol for sulphur 
which appears as a focal point on the rams skull.

Artem Mortis - Is Latin for the Art of Death

Contact with any questions )0(

Artem Mortis Logo - Lapel Pin - "Artem Mortis is Latin for the Art of Death"



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