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This sale is for "one" blood vail key chain. The key chains are adorned with a razor blade pendant and available  in your choice of partially filled or completed filled vials. The approximate size of the pendants is 1.2 ich long × 0.23 wide and made with a high-quality metal alloy. 


Unlike our popular "Make your own blood pendant Kits" which utilizes 

your real blood, this item is for the less venturous. It has been pre-filled with 

our blend of fake blood, thus can represent the symbolism without the act.


(If you are looking for our popular, "Make your own blood pendants kits-  with anticoagulant" I have included the link to the standard lovers set below)


NOTE: The vial is made from glass, it is strong enough for daily wear, but can be broken if it is dropped, or met with force.


Contact with any questions )0(

Blood Vial Pendant Key Chains

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