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This sale is for a apx. 5.9" Diameter Black Obsidian Crystal ball.

Scrying can be defined as the mantic art of gazing, allowing the physical eyes to relax, thus letting the inner psychic eyes begin to open and receive desired visions or information.

The black scrying crystal ball can be a powerful psychic tool. It can bring the user hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability and can act as a portal to other planes of existence.

Ways in which a scrying ball may be used.

• To contact spirit guides
• To access knowledge
• For healing and self improvement
• As a magickal transmitter and receiver
• For divining the past, present and future
• As a portal to the astral plane
• For shamanic journeying
• For ritual invocation and evocation
• To improve visualization skills

Size apx. 5.9" round.
Weight apx. 8 pounds

Includes a dark wooden stand.

Contact with any questions )0(

Obsidian Crystal Ball 5.9" Diameter, Scrying

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