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Craft your own Pair of Blood Vial Pendant Necklace!


Blood has been used for magical purposes for hundreds of years and has been known to represent life force in its most basic nature.


This kit includes everything you need in order to build a pair of Blood-Filled, Vial Pendant Necklace. The blood vial for this piece, comes empty and the kit contains a full set of medical supplies which you can use to draw a few drops of blood from yourself or perhaps a lover, friend, partner or anyone else that you wish to draw closer to.


The kit also contains medical grade anticoagulant which is used to keep that blood from clotting once inside the glass vial.


To carry your lover’s blood is said to create a bond between two souls. It is said to represent the ultimate sacrifice of your own life force, thus said to represent the deepest of trust and love.To carry your own blood is said to be a symbol of yourself and ancestry. It is said to represent the deep codes, in which you choose to live, die and live again. There are so many beliefs regarding the subject of blood and the magic it contains, that you should take the time to consider what it means to you personally which gives it an even stronger energy and power.


We also have another version of blood vial pendant necklace in sterling silver. Be sure to take a look at that one too as well as the rest of our jewelry pieces.


This piece is completely unique, packaged at Artem Mortis with instructions on how to hygienically draw the blood needed to place in the vial. While I provide medical grade anticoagulant, I cannot guarantee that your blood will not coagulate over time and if the anticoagulant is not applied to the blood soon enough. Typically as long as the anticoagulant and blood meet with a minute of drawing the blood, you shouldn’t have any problems, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or problems.



Your Blood Vial Pendant Necklace Kit Includes:

• One victorian style heart locket (approx. - 3/4" tall and wide)

• One 32" chain

• One center glass bottle with cork

• One portion of anticoagulant

• One full set of supplies, to assist in your process

• One small tube of super glue


***Buy purchasing this kit you agree to the following terms***


1. Nothing in this kit is made for consumption, drug or household use.

2. You will not leave the kit unattended in the presence of minors or animals.

3. You agree that though Artem Mortis provides suggestions on the kit,

we assume no business or personal liability on its use. Please use at your own risk.


If required please contact us for a MSDS sheet on the anti-coagulant


Again, feel free to contact me with any questions, it is truly my pleasure! )0(


Here are some reviews from our Etsy Shop, ArtemMortis:

Heart Locket BloodVial Necklace & Anticoagulant - Necklace Blood Bonding

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