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“Oh, the price for forbidden art, lust and longing intertwined, a dance with darkness, a soul's depart, the devil's embrace defined.”


This sale is for one framed soul contract. The contract is written in agreement of the soul taker Satan and whomever may sign the said soul bearer. The paper used has been aged and antiqued with real animal blood and adorned with a wax seal. 


(The contract may be removed to be signed). 


Along with the framed contract is a metal pendant featuring a combination of the leviathan cross and the symbol for sulfur. 


(You may choose to wear this before or after signing the contract as a symbol of your commitment or allow it to hang on the frame.)  


Lastly, the set includes a vintage style red feathered dip pen. It is said, 

this may be used to dip into a vial of your own blood to consecrate your signature. 


The frame size is approx. 9-1/2” wide by 11-1/2” long


Contact with any questions )0(

Framed Soul Contract on aged real blood paper

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