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This sale is for one large Fluorite skull that was carved and polished from one solid stone by hand. The dimensions of the piece are apx. 5" deep by 4" tall. The weight of the skull is apx. 3.5 lbs.


The properties of Fluorite are said to aid in rediscovery and alignment of your path. This is said to happen by releasing negative thoughts and pattern that no longer serve your highest intent. 


Crystal skulls have deep associations with magick. A crystal carved in the shape of a human skull is said to create a sympathetic resonance between you and the stone. It is also said that one can gaze into the eyes of a crystal skull and “see” what the future may hold. 


Crystal skulls are considered powerful tools and may be used for many forms of magick


Two Examples of magical uses are:  


Divination - Gaze at the patterns inside the crystal, or look deep into its eye.  You may see patterns, pictures or scenes. Allow your intuition to guide you and hear the words of your inner voice.


Healing – Visualize yourself sending healing energy deep into the skull until you feel it is full or overflowing. Next, point the face of the skull towards the person or image you intend to be healed. Lastly, as the energy from the skull is transferring to the person or image visualize the healing as already accomplished.


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Large Fluorite Crystal Skull 5" Scrying, Wicca, Pagan, Divination

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