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This sale is for a apx. 6" Diameter Clear Quartz Crystal ball made from reconstituted quartz crystal
(Pure quartz melted down and reformed into a ball for purity) .

Divination Ball


For best scrying results, your crystal ball should be clear of inclusions or cloudy areas. This is why man made crystal balls may be better than natural quartz spheres for scrying. One of the reasons I offer the special 100% quartz crystal balls is to allow the user the perfect vibrations affored by the genuine crystal, yet to avoid the visible inclusions of using the raw crystal. Inclusions can distract your vision, drawing attention to themselves rather than to visions.


Be sure your crystal ball is clean and free of fingerprints and dust when you prepare to use it. .

I cleanse all crystal balls before shipping, but still recommend that you also cleanse your crystal ball when you receive it.

Your crystal ball can be placed on the stand, on a pillow, or simply held in your hands; whichever feels best. Placing the crystal at about chest level generally works best. Wherever you choose to sit, remember that you'll be gazing into your crystal ball for often extended periods of time, so choose a place that will allow you to be most comfortable.


Ideally, you should have a special space set aside for your personal work, with all your visionary tools collected there. As you meditate, work with your altar, practice your rune or tarot readings and scrying in the same area, this will help build up the natural energy of the area and yield more powerful results.

First clear your mind - if you have a hidden agenda, fears and doubts, or an answer you really really want, you'll contaminate the scrying. Calm, objective focus means you'll get clear guidance;

Carefully formulate your question. Keep it simple. Get to the essence - you may need to ask yourself 'what lies behind this?' Keep asking until you have refined the question to its core;

Cleanse your crystal ball. You may place the crystal ball outside on the night of a full moon, or you may wash it clean using clean water from a faucet, lake or stream. 

Harmonizing with your crystal ball, breathe gently and allow your energies to come into harmony with that of the stone. You'll feel calm, peaceful and focused;

Keep an open mind.. Scrying may be subtle and not so subtle, remember things are not always what they seem.

Size apx. 6" dia. 
Weight apx. 14 pounds

Made of Reconstituted Quartz (Pure quartz melted down and reformed into a ball for purity) 
No lead, 100% clear.
Include dark wooden stand.


Conact with any questions )0(

Large Quartz Crystal Ball 6" Diameter, Scrying

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