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One Preserved Medium Sized Bat, Hanging in a Glass Dome. The glass dome is approximately 7" tall by 4" wide. The species of bat in the dome, is a Hipposideros Larvatus and measures approximately 4" tall by 2" wide. 


The Bat is dry preserved, which means that it was prepared by taxidermy and appears lifelike as it is displayed in its glass dome.


Bats have been associated with witchcraft historically for a very long time. With regards to Magick, properties of the bat include power, control and luck. Ink crafted from the blood of a bat has been used to enhance spells and make pacts with spirits. 

In addition, bats are creatures of instinct. Bats travel in the cloak of darkness and navigate with either extremely well sight or poor sight and echo location. Do to the nocturnal nature of the bat they must rely on their instinct and internal guidance for survival. Comparing this to ourselves, we could ask what our own inner guidance is telling us. In doing so, we could do much more then survive, we could truly live. Allow yourself to connect to the most basic symbolism of a bat and recognized that scared wisdom lies in the comfort of the dark.


Bats have played roles both in modern and historical folklore. There symbolism has filled our ears with stories of Dracula’s Transylvania and filled our minds with a fascination for drinking blood. Furthermore, they have played the roles of the witches familiar alongside the rat and the cat. In modern day, the symbolism of a bat has remained macabre despite of being popularized for books, comics and movies.


Whichever symbolism or meaning that the bat may hold true for you, our website is about the odd and has many curiosities of which, you have taken the time to visit. This displayed specimen is unique and would make an excellent addition for someone likely to visit a shop of dark curiosities.

NOTE: Having taken the pictures above with our first specimen, we restock our shelves with and ship the same general size and species. The photos may vary slightly from what you receive.

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Medium Hanging Bat In a Glass Dome

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