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This sale is one hand poured soy candle titled “Midnight in the Graveyard”.
The top of the candle has been adorned with a blend of smoky quartz and onyx 
crystal chips.

Its fragrance offers, a soft transformative blend reminiscent of cemetery fog.
Featuring notes of: Bergamot, ylang, wood, moss, accented with patchouli, and musk.  

The jar is made of black glass with a net weight of 10.08oz. 
The dimensions are 3.5 Dia and 4” High, with a burn time between 40-55 hours. 

“Light this candle and allow the movement of the flame to remind you of a familiar time”

Walking through the graveyard
Underneath the moon
The hour in between 
Caressing all the tombs

Midnight in the Graveyard - Hand Poured Soy Candle

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