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This sale is for one Pan statue. The statue is made of resin and painted in bronze tones.  
The dimensions are apx 10" tall by 4" wide.


Pan is spirit of the wild, irrepressible life essence. He is known as the Lord of fertility, wild nature, ecstatic music, wild goats, shepherds, flocks and hunters. Pans nature is one of paradox.

He was an uncivilized god in a civilized world. Much like the goat which can never be truly domesticated, Pan always retained a bit of his feral nature.


Invocation to pan


O Great God Pan,
Beast and man,
Shepherd of goats and Lord of the Land,
I call you to attend my rites
On this most magickal of nights.
God of the wine,
God of the vine,
God of the fields and God of the kine,
Attend my circle with your love
And send Your blessings from above.
Help me to heal;
Help me to feel;
Help me to bring forth love and weal.
Pan of the forests, Pan of the glade,
Be with me as my magick is made!


" Great God Pan, return to Earth again!
Come at my call and show thyself to men.
Shepherd of Goats, upon the wild hill's way,
Lead thy lost flock from darkness into day,
Forgotten are the ways of sleep and night,
Men seek for them whose eyes have lost the light.
Open the door, the door which hath no key,
The door of dreams, whereby men come to thee.
O Mighty Stag, O answer to me!
Oh, playful one, with pipe you prance,
The goat-foot Pan, lord of the dance.
With feral joy in ancient wood
You embue life with mirth and good.

Of seed and beast and plant and tune
We seek your form under this moon.
The woodland king, the lord of trees,
Friend to the moon and stars and breeze.

Hear us, horned one, your children cry,
And bring your song of life nearby.
Give us your fertile and creative force
And help to return us to wildness, our source.

Wild wond'rous Pan, the forest's sire
Enter this circle as we desire.
Enclose us all, be with us today
Magically join in our sacred play.


Contact with any questions )0(


Pan Statue

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