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This sale is for one Preserved Bonnet shark in Jar. The jar is apx 6" tall by 4" wide. 


The shark is one of the world's greatest predators and therefore symbolizes strength, power and fearlessness. Sailors have had a long tradition of putting shark tattoos on themselves, to symbolize that they are not afraid of death at sea


(The white line down the jar is just a reflection of light not a scratch) 


Note - I currently have a few of these available, I will select a very similar one and send it to you. All of them are roughly the same size and shape. 


Please note: Due to Usps shipping regulations the fetal pig (which has also been treated with a preservation fluid) will be shipped without alcohol in the jar. You can refill it with 70% rubbing alcohol which can be purchased for about $2.00 from the drug store. 


Feel to to email with any question

Preserved Bonnet shark in Jar - Wet Specimen.

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