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This sale is for a set of 25 hand carved real bone and blood runes. 
The set has been hand carved from buffalo bone and engraved in the Germanic, Elder Futhark style. It contains 24 lettered rune stones plus 1 blank rune. The runes have been tea stained and painted using real animal blood. They have then been sealed in multiple layers of acrylic for longevity. The apx size of each rune measures 1/2" x 3/4".

To divine using blood is said to be a symbol of ancestry. It is also said to represent the deep codes, in which you choose to live, die and live again. 

Runes are a powerful and ancient set of tools which when used correctly can aid in one’s connection to the depths of understanding.


(The set you will receive will have slight variances, each one is handmade to order)

Ways in which runes may be used.

• For divining the past, present and future 
• To contact spirit guides 
• Spell working 
• Runescripting 
• Clarification 
• Magical journaling and record keeping

The set Includes one small drawstring pouch

*Note: The skull in the photo is not included but feel free to add your own*

Contact with any questions )0(

Real Bone and Blood Runes - Elder Futhark

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