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This sale includes, 1 4" white scrying bowl, 1 ritual scrying ink 1 oz bottle adorned with pentacle charm, 1 instruction sheet and 1 black organza bag to hold your kit. (Pictured is an example of the kit you will receive. There may be slight variances in the stone and twine)

This kit is for those who are seeking to explore the depth of their second sight.

Ritual Scrying Ink: A magical blend of ink and oils to aid in your work.


White Bowl: For purity of thought and clarity of sight


Black Organza Bag: For empowerment and reflection


Fill your white scrying bowl with water. Find a quiet comfortable place, were you will not be disturbed. Place the ritual scrying ink and scrying bowl in front of you. If you are scrying for a particular question, hold it your mind now. Next, prepare yourself for scrying work by taking five long deep breaths, slowly in through your nose, then slowly out of your mouth. Now wave your non-dominate hand three times over the bowl in an counter-clockwise motion saying , I cleanse this vessel so it may aid and bless my work (3x). Next using your dominate hand wave it three times over the vessel and say, I charge this vessel to reflect and reveal my deepest sight (3x). Now with your non-dominate hand carefully unscrew the ritual scrying ink (hold it at an angle as not to drip). Take your pointer finger on your dominate hand an make 5 slow clockwise swirls into the water. Immediately, after the fifth swirl add one drop of the ritual scrying ink. Allow your eyes to become soft and gentle as the visions in the ink appear. 

Your scrying visions may appear in many ways. Allow yourself to gaze at the top, middle and lower layers of the ink, as well as the white swirls between.

The pictures in the listing show a few examples of the millions of possibilities you may encounter. I find that no two visions are ever alike. 

NOTE: The ritual scrying ink can be used in any water containing vessel which is only limited by your creativity. Using only one drip per scrying session, one bottle may last you over five hundred sessions. 

Contact with Any Questions )0( 

Ritual Scrying Divination Kit

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