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This sale is for one sealed deck of Murder of Crows Tarot cards.


As an omen bringer, messenger, and scavenger, the crow has no master. It brings you the answers you need, although not always what you wanted. It awakens your soul, bringing enlightenment as well as fear and disquiet. In striking black and white, this deck is a necessary addition to your collection.


The Tarot is a collection of symbols that represent all of human experience. 

The Tarot can be described as the map of the mind, body and soul. 


Boxed deck (3 x 5 x 1) includes 78 black and white cards and instruction booklet with tarot card meanings.


Ways in which tarot cards may be used.


• For divining the past, present and future 

• To see clear patterns 

• For healing and self-improvement 

• To contact spirit guides 

• For ritual invocation and evocation 


Contact with any questions )0(

Murder of Crows Tarot Deck - Sealed

SKU: TD121
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