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This sale is for one pouch of 5 oz of premium white willow bark. The bark is wild harvested, cut and sifted.

In Magick White willow bark may be used to contact the dead and aid in the transitions of life, death, and rebirth. It has also been said to aid in divination, love and enhancing psychic gifts.

White willow bark is known as a moon plant. It is said to be one of 7 sacred trees, connected to death-associated figures like Morgan le Fay, Cailleach, and the Morighan. In the 19th century it was popular for graveyard planting. In Greek mythology, the white willow bark tree is sacred to Hekate, Circe, Persephone, and Hera

(The Pentacle shown in the photo is not included, but feel free to add your own)

NOTE: Not to be taken internally. - Contact with any questions )0(

White Willow Bark cut 2oz - Binding, Healing

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