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Painted in Human Blood

Mortem Oraculum

Death Oracle

Mortem Oraculum

Conceived by Matthew Brown

Painted by Ryan Almighty

Produced by Artem Mortis

The mortem oraculum oracle deck presents 22 lavishly painted cards infused with the beauty and inspiration of “death” representing the transitory nature of all things. Each of the original cards used to create this deck were meticulously hand painted using real human blood. In many cultures blood is a prevailing symbol of life and death. Rich in symbolic detail these exquisite blood paintings combine fully blended dark images of death by use of animals and alchemical symbols. Death is not a means to an end, but a symbolic representation of change.This set contains 22 cards numbered to represent their numerological value. Each card has a guide word printed on it and can be used to invoke insight and timeless wisdom.


It’s with the flow of blood
the art of life shall rise

For death does not exist
In nature nothing dies.


The 22 oracle cards are prints of the original blood paintings.

No human blood was used on the individual decks

© 2017 Mortem Oraculum an Artem Mortis Production

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