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About Us


Mortem Oraculum : Is Latin for the Death Oracle


Here you will find the biography and links for the two individuals

whom have brought you the death oracle . 


Mortem Oraculum


Conceived by Matthew Brown

Matthew was drawn to the allure of the occult at an early age. His studies began with books from the local library on witchcraft and magick. At age 15 he attended his first group gathering at a local witchcraft supply shop.  He was introduced to serious practitioners who invited him to private ceremonies. While studying with them, he expanded his knowledge into divinatory systems such as oracle, tarot and scrying.   


As Matthew became more adept in the occult he became unsatisfied with the limited offerings of the groups he had been attending.  At age 18 he formed his own group Children of the Old Ways in search of developing the ceremonies he had learned.


Around this time, he began attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale studying interior design. He quickly made an impression with his interpretations of the macabre in functional art.


While attending school, Matthew took a day job in which he could utilize his design skills in the hospitality industry.


Around the same time Matthew felt compelled to form an additional group focusing on formal occult teachings called Circle of the Scared Star.


After forming Circle of the Sacred Star Matthew was asked to co-found a Tarot group and became a member of the American Tarot Association, where he did readings and offered his services as a mentor.  


As a result of the 2009 economic recession, the company Matthew was working for was forced for to close.


This was a pivotal point in Matthew’s life where he asked himself what profession would not only earn him a living, but feed his soul. He decided to combine his love for the occult with his passion for art and design.  


Inspired by his own macabre and occult collection, Matthew decided to open an Etsy shop called the Witch in the Woods. This name was selected to invoke a vision of an old cabin where one may find occult items such as crystal balls and herbs on one side and skulls and specimens on the other.


The Witch in the Woods on Etsy became a success and is still online under the name, “ArtemMortis”. Artem Mortis is Latin for “The Art of Death.


The success has allowed matthew to acquire a much more interesting and diverse selection of inventory, some of which are a bit too macabre for Etsy; therefore Matthew developed his own occult and oddities website


At Artem Mortis, the concept of death is nothing more than a transformation which everything must undergo in order to reach a new beginning. He uses death to provide art that is both beautiful and disturbing.

IG: Artemmortis

Facebook: Artemmortis

Mortem Oraculum

Painted by Ryan Almighty


The artwork of Ryan Almighty is fueled by isolation, individuality, madness and a taste for the morbid. Ryan started life not knowing quite where he fit in. While the other kids played sports and enjoyed the treasures that small town America had to offer, Ryan spent much of his time alone drawing zombies and images of death.

Adolescence was also a challenge for Almighty.. He found comfort in Horror Films, art and punk rock.

Upon graduation Ryan moved to Pittsburgh to attend art school where a whole new urban world of punk rock and fellow weirdos opened up to him. Fascinated by pop art and Warhol in particular, Ryan Started developing his style with portraiture and pop images, still holding on to punk ideals and dark sensibilities..

After his graduation Ryan headed back to rural Pennsylvania and landed a job at the Warren State Hospital and started his first very own punk band called VIKTOR 44 & THE ACT OUTS.

In the Winter of 2001 Ryan opened up a tattoo studio in Jamestown NY. The studio was became very successful. He made the decision to modify himself with horns, split tongue, pointed ears, etc to thumb his nose at those that condemned him in his teenage years.

After 10 years of comfort, success, and notoriety Almighty started becoming disillusioned with the state of body modification.


After a trail of cutthroat business partners and bad relationships. Owning a tattoo studio was no longer fun and the ugly reality of cliques, drama, and status driven politics seemed to be permeating body art Almighty was suffering severe depression and burn out... After a particularly bad relationship Almighty decided to paint a Baphomet illustration commissioned by a friend in his own blood and the birth of Almighty's style of human blood painting was born.

It was about this time Almighty started traveling to The San Francisco CA area to promote his art and tattoo among  artists with skill that challenged and renewed his interest in the medium..

Ryan moved his collection of Oddities to Alameda CA and chose to start over in life

Almighty was welcomed with open arms by the Bay area locals and TIGERS BLOOD SOCIAL CLUB


Almighty can now be found any given day at TIGERS BLOOD SOCIAL CLUB, giving tours of his collection of oddities at he and Sammytowns brain child RYAN ALMIGHTYs MUSEUM OF THE MACABRE and enjoying success and peace of mind painting in human blood and selling his art to like minded individuals creating what he calls future relics and sparking the interest of serious art collectors, artists, and the eccentric with his unique style of art....

IG: almighty666

Facebook: humanbloodartist

© 2017 Mortem Oraculum an Artem Mortis Production

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