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Artem Mortis: Is Latin for the Art of Death


We specialize in dark curiosities, featuring antiques, art, divination, jewlery and preserved specimens.

Our clients range from the collector to the connoisseur. Custom work is avaible upon request. 

Bizarre Products our Dark Curiosities

Bizarre is not a description we have any fear of. Our products do not resemble what might be typically seen in most shops. Our products can be considered strange, or morbid and yes even, bizarre. It’s that element of curiosity drawn to the odd and weird that we know and appreciate and that also tells us you are going to want to look at what we offer. It’s about what’s just around the corner, or what is making that strange noise… You are going to want to know what is behind the curtain.

Who knows, maybe you will embrace the bizarre?

Our shop carries bizarre products of differing types. One category is our oddity specimens. These are different types of animals, insects, reptiles and others that have died and their bodies preserved. Sometimes they are kept in fluid, which is held in a clear glass jar. Some specimens have been preserved by other methods and can be displayed in a glass dome in a natural looking setting. The oddity variety of products are not really all that dissimilar to the person that has a prize fish that they caught stuffed and mounted. These specimens are just not that common of a variety.

Other types of bizarre curiosities include occult pieces, jewelry, murderabilia and products made using real bone or blood. Bizarre isn’t bad or wrong, just a bit different. Many of our products are all hand-crafted pieces and available exclusively at Artem Mortis. Our name, Artem Mortis is Latin for, “The art of death”. Our business is in creating beautiful pieces of art, to remind us that death is as beautiful as life. We show that balance and hope to bring you something special. This section of our shop displays our entire inventory of available products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Bizarre Products
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